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too when hezbollah went into syria, the rebels said if you don't get out, we'll attack you at home, which means lebanon. the big fear that fans the flames of the sectarian in many lebanon. >> into absolutely. the white house is focusing on the region and unrelated development involving iran, president obama today making a personal push for congress to delay any sanctions against the iranian government. the president has been meeting today with a bipartisan group of senate leaders and updating them on the international negotiations that have been taking place, trying to curb tehran's nuclear program. the president wants lawmakers to simply give diplomacy another chance. >> we're going to take a closer look at the diplomatic effort and the u.s. position later this hour. we'll have a discussion about that. meanwhile, it's a royal mission for prince harry. it would be, any mission would be royal. he's not known to shy away from a challenge. but this next one would test his strength. >> he looks really cold. the race to the south pole coming up. plus, the latest from the tornado disaste
from stories where you don'tq have high fatality,xd high inju count. here you get a sense that loss can mean a lot of things. while yes, you are hearing this perspective, thisok perspectivef being about something bigger than themselves and their possessions, there is a lot of suzanne. even though youxdxd don'tfrv h loss of life or injuries, have people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods. reporting from washington, illinois. authorities are nowq saying a whopping 68e1e1 4nw'adoes were reported. want to bringing in meteorologist sman than moore at the cnn severeq weatherñrq cento talk about what we've seen and how people this was. to think about the sheer numbers of storms andw3 tornadoes that touched the ground here, 3 can't even and imagine when you lookw at the devastation there. relative short period of time. >> yeah,i] as chris was talking about, suzanne, it was moving at such a fas pace, this line of super cells. this is our 3-d radar.jf we were talking about this t( outbreak yesterday about thisxd time as it continued to unfold. we couldn't believe our eyes how i have t
longer have world class leadership. but those watching don't know yet if we can sift out of the small politics of personal gain and instead of jackying for position or advantage do the right thing. not for ourselves, not against the mayor, but for the institution of the city of toronto and its government upon which so many of our citizens depend. if we retreat behind legalese and say that no law has been broken, no wrong has been done, we miss the point made with such urgency around every dinner table because it is known so clearly in every parent's worrying heart that the values that matter most in forging the life of an individual or of a city come not from the law and justice but from clear and consistent expressions of what is write and wrong. when presented with the choice of doing the right. >> that is toronto council mann denzil minnan-wong speaking now at this council meeting which is ahead of a motion to get the mayor, rob ford,ing to step aside to deal with his "personal problems." the mayor saying he's not going to do any such thing. paula newton is standing by to talk abou
who witness or at least hear shooting, you don't realize right away it's a shooting, but when you do, what did you do right away? >> we just started, everybody screamed and we kind of just wanted to evacuate, trying to find an exit and one of the workers wasn't even letting us out. another worker had to come in and say open the door. just in a survival mode at that moment and just wanted to like leave and just be outside because i just, we just thought that he was coming towards the store because we heard the gun shots so loud and clear. >> we're seeing a picture of you and your two children there. as well. thanks very much for joining us, samantha, who heard the gun shots at that mall in new jersey. thankfully, nobody was wounded or killed as a result of that bizarre incident as we were saying that young man believed to have opened fire in the shopping mall. thanks. >>> in denver, what started out as a big scare with two teens carrying guns into a middle school, appears to be nothing more than an attempted burglary. two 15-year-olds broke into the building with bb guns and ransacked
as a cat 5 hurricane, 175 miles per hour. right now they're thinking -- they don't fly planes into these storms out here. they're thinking about 190 miles per hour right now and it will still be 150 when it moves south of manila. that's the good news. the for cast is south of manila by 150 miles. still will be damage in manila. still a lot of people out here. the biggest storm, even this is smaller than the one's that's going to hit tomorrow, killed 1900 people in 2012. and it hasn't been a good year for the philippines. look at all of the storms that have crossed that nation. it has been ugly out there, and this is the biggest one of the year so far. so, that's why we say, it's always typhoon season, though there comes an end of hurricane season, water stay warm and it can be typhoon any month of the year. >> chad, is there anything -- in light of the fact we've got this warning, we know it's come, anything that people can do there? i imagine that the damage could be extraordinary if people don't pay attention at least don't prepare for what is going hit them? >> the good new
. and here's how he put it. >> here's what my suggestn would be to him. don't be so cute. and when make a mistake, admit it. listen, if it was a mistake in 2009, if he was mistaken in 2009, 2010 on his understanding of how the law would operate, then just admit it to people. you know what? i said it, i was wrong. i'm sorry. and we're going to try to fix this and make it better. i think people would give any leader in that circumstance a lot of credit for just you know, owning up to it. instead of now like trying to don't lawyer it. people don't like lawyers, i'm a lawyer, they don't like them. >> wolf, i love the rolling bus shot. two things he seems to be doing, he's slamming the president, but he's also slamming obama care. which one do you think is going to be more effective winning over the republicans? >> i think he's going to have to do both if he wants to win the republican presidential nomination. he was giving the president, and i think they have a good relationship, especially after superstorm sandy at the end of the campaign last year. when the president came into new jersey,
believe there is clearly going to be flooding. they know there's going to be extensive damage but don't know the just how widespread this damage is. this super typhoon was huge spread across a very significant amount of area. they don't know what the damage on the ground is. the communications are down. this is one of the first things that went when the super typhoon hit. also, there have been blackouts across the country. many areas have seen the electricity pylons fall and roads being blocked because the serious winds have buffeted these trees and they've block odd the road. so at first light, that's one of the first jobs that some of the military are going to have to do to try to clear the roads so they can get to the areas where people may have been quite badly affected. we understand that at first light, as well, the military going up into the air so they can try and get an aerial view of exactly what the damage is. and then at that point, they can figure out which parts are worst hit and which parts need the immediate help of food, water and medicine. suzanne? >> help us underst
in hope that someone will see. >> we don't have enough water even though we are not sure that it is clean and safe. we still drink it because we need to survive. >> the warden of this local city jail says they ran out of food. the inmates threaten a mass breakout as one stands on the roof of the prison ready to jump. haiyan victims dangerously take gas as transportation out of the destruction is vital for their survival. thousands uncertain of when aid will reach them. and here at the airport, the lights have been turned on for the first time, which means that this can now effectively become a 24-hour operation to get more supplies in, more supplies which are so desperately needed jot enough of here but right across this province. >> the president of the philippines is now telling cnn he thinks the death toll is likely closer to 2,000 rather than 10,000. but as we know, these things are very confusing. the numbers are not certain. we still don't know. >> there are still places they haven't checked out. what we do know is that 2 million people are in need of food and water. something like
objects crashing to the floor. and under foot, it is now just eight deluge. if you look behind me, i don't know if you can see it, the staircase behind me is now basically a water fall. >> and then a torrent of blackwater began pouring into the hotel. the storm surge had begun. >> go upstairs. >> within a few minutes, it was a ground floor window level. a panicked family now trapped in their roop smashed the window and screamed for help. we managed to get the mother across to safety using a foam mattress and it immediately became clear the cause of her panic. their daughter was severely disabled. storm chaser josh and i went back across to get the terrified girl to safety. and cnn producer tim schwartz helped rescue the rest of the family. the waters only rose a little higher. the height of the storm, in fact, had passed. two hours later, the winds had lost their lethal strength. our live position was a ruined shell. but as we walks outside, it was immediately clear that so much of the city had suffered so much more than we had. and even four days after that storm struck, we still don't
people, he said, don't trust -- they don't trust the white house anymore to make this administrative fix. that was interesting for a lot of reasons but mostly because he sees the polling, just like everybody else does, that the president's polling is dipping in a lot of areas but mostly, most concerning, in the area of trust and character. and i think that is a big reason why tomorrow, even though democrats want the administration to do this administratively, they want to do it without the need of a bill to pass congress, go to the president's desk, they are still going to offer an alternative on the floor of the house of representatives tomorrow so that democrats can go back to their constituents -- >> hold on. here's the president. >> today i want to update the american people on our efforts to implement and improve the affordable care act and i'll take a couple of your questions. before i do, i want to say a few words about the tragedy that's unfolded in the philippines. over the past few days, i think all of us have been shaken by the images of the devastation brought by the typhoon
some serious questions, constitutional questions. i have to tell you, i don't think this is the most compelling argument. the fact is, you have a law here. this does seem to contradict it. the president's claiming the right and this is the second time he's done it with the aca, claeping the right to the effectively take parts offline, to grant something that's not there. in constitutional term, that's called the dispensing power, once called the royal prerogative. that was rejected in our system that when you have legislation, the president does have the right to have discretion in the enforcement. but he can't rewrite the law. he can't effectively change it. so congress probably has a stronger argument on this issue. >> what about the states in the situation? we've got examples, washington state, for instance, their insurance commissioner said the state's not going to go along with the president's request here to extend canceled policies for another year. so if the states don't cooperate with him, is this worth anything, this promise? >> i have the same thought because i'm not too s
have a new thanksgiving ritual. most americans don't want any part of it. >> here's the polling numbers. recent university of connecticut poll shows, 93% of respondents don't care who's open. they say they will not be out there today looking for deals. and nick valencia at the kmart outside atlanta, which is obviously open. what's going on? doesn't look too bad behind you. >> hope you didn't break in. it is open? >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, hala and michael. not bad right now. 5:00 this morning, it was frigid outside, 30 people lined up, felt like 17 degrees. didn't stop crowds from forming. door busters, one guy here at 11:00 p.m. last night. i asked, why are you putting yourself through this? he said he's here for the deals. >> reporter: black friday has morphed into black thursday. kmart, one of a handful of retailers, open for business on thanksgiving. ready for it? >> i think so, yeah. yeah, we're excited about it. >> reporter: for those who think it's something new, kmart has been doing this over 20 years. more retailers followed suit, and that's not coincidence. >> shoppers
is because you don't want to tip the balance of the court and it's not fair. so that is what they're voting on right now, is an attempt to get one of the judges on that bench. and this is really kind of a show, if you will, in order to get to the point where democrats can likely later today hold the vote to change the rules to make it impossible for republicans to do what they're doing now, which is have a 60-vote threshold to block the nomination and bring it down to 51 simple majority. >> you mentioned three vacancies. am i wrong in thinking there's 100 judicial vacancies at moment in this is about the democrats, would say, the republicans blocking every appointment that the government wants to make? >> reporter: that's right. and republicans argue, and they did argue, mitch mcconnell did on the senate floor, they have passed over 200 of the president's nominees and only defeated less than handful. that doesn't peek to how many are still stuck on the calendar. to be honest, you can look at the numbers and see in them what you want, if you are a democrat or a republican looking at, you kno
to that behind closed doors we don't know the. >> and there's a huge political cost to the obama administration. you've got powerful senators not going to allow nominations to go through unless you have the testimony from those involved on the ground benghazi. where is that going. >> senator lindsey graham has said, we're not going to get your appointees appointed till we get answers and get these people into congress behind closed doors and tell us what the heck happened in benghazi and what they want, suzanne, had he don't want the filtered information, they don't want the administration officials. they want the people who were there telling them in person what the heck happened. >> phil, thank you. excellent reporting >> great stuff. really interesting. drew griffin. now news out of russia, edward snowden, you know that name, don't you, wanted for spying living under russia's protection. we just learn this had week a new job working for a russian website. >> looks like the nsa leaker wants to leave russia, go to germany to testify what he knows. yesterday in moscow, snowden had a meeting wit
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that an extraordinary amount of money. they say it wasn't fraud, they don't deny they were putting money on the cards but say lawson was aware of it and also they weren't spending it all on themselves to fund this lavish lifestyle alleged. but there's this fundamental piece of evidence which refers to drugs. it is an e-mail from charles saatchi september last month to nigella lawson. it was a personal e-mail. he says he was bereft that it became public but it came through her side. in this he writes to her, of course now the grillos will get off on the basis that you were so off your head on drugs, you allows the sisters to spend whatever they liked and yes, i believe every word that the grillos have said who after all only stole money and they're alleging that she had a drug habit, nigella lawson which went back for the whole ten years of the marriage and they hid it. she hid it from charles saatchi. >> all right. so max, you know, what about the trial itself? are we now likely to hear from nigella? >> we are expecting to hear from her during this trial. probably next week. we can't confirm exact de
healthy, normal and was fairly articulate, i don't know what the next step would have or could have been for the police beyond that. other than to call the parents back and say we checked on him and he's fine. an then he's doing fine and normal. just depressed or upset. you know, like many people often are. i don't know if there was anything in the messages to tell the police he had an access to an assault rifle or whether it was his rifle or someone else's and he was capable of using the type of weaponry with multiple magazines and bullets. but it's highly speculative to say that the police could have stopped this thing. they could have got tln early and talked to him and thought he was okay. and the next day gn to the airport, you just don't know. >> i want to tell you, attorney general eric holder just weighed in on the l.a.x. shooting. i want you to listen to what he said. >> close-up of the tsa is to insure that people can board planes safely. take flights safely. the responsibility for protecting airport security is not a tsa function. but something that i think we need to certainl
? it is a point of law, isn't it? i don't think they've been charged yet, have they? >> it does seem surprising, michael. but i think it's because those two were arrest on suspicion of being involved in forced labor and human trafficking, but the police now don't seem to be able to quite put their finger on what they should charge them with. under british law, you have to charge someone within 36 hours or release them on bail. they've been released on bail. the police are now saying they don't think this comes under a category of domestic slavery or of human trafficking. in fact, they're saying this is like something we've never seen before. we're trying to unravel what happened to these women over the last three decades. it wasn't sexual abuse but it was a very, very complex picture of emotional and psychological abuse that they went through. although they've let these two out on bail and they say there will weren't any other people involved, they didn't have any accomplices, they don't believe this to be part of a broader human trafficking ring, at the same time, they have their entire human
cnn severe weather jacket on. chad meyers hasn't donned the jacket yet. what can people expect as it imcoulds to move? >> i don't think people expected a storm to roll through dallas in november. that's part of the problem. another problem is let's say there's 300 flights cancelled. i don't have a number. 150 people on each plane, that's 4,500 people now that have to find another plane with seats on it. these seats are jammed. i've been trying to fly around the country to go to different stories like miami and vegas. there's one, two, seven seats open on any flight. have you 4,000 people trying to get on seven seats and it's going to be -- if it's starting on monday and we have tuesday is the worst day and then wednesday and thursday is the big travel day, you just plan on packing your patience and plan on taking the money that the airlines may give you for not sitting in that seat because there's going to be a lot of bumped people i'm afraid. here's the deal with tuesday. this is what i'm afraid of. the models always warm up the air and they think it's going to rain and it rai
, unfortunately, as well. >> i get on the highway. next thing i know i'm spinning. >> people don't realize when they cross the bridges they've got ice on them. when they cross it, they lose it. >> cnn is covering this storm and lou it will affect your holiday travel plans like no one else. our crews in position right across the country. >> the an lynnal muchado in atlanta, martin savidge it, chad myers in the cnn weather center. >> an lynn fla is here in atlanta. in the south, it's getting soaked, alina. >> soaked is a good way of putting it. it's been raining here in atlanta all morning along. there it is what the south is going to be seeing today. a lot of rain. take a look at the traffic situation behind me. these roads are wet. they're slick, and this is what people are going to be experiencing south. if you head north, you're going to start running into sleet, wintry mix, possibly some snow depending where you are. more than 43 million people are expected to travel more than 50 miles from home for the thanksgiving holiday. that's according to the aaa. about 90% of those people will be driv
a sack mental ordination. they don't have to be held by priests. if he does that, in highly visible ways, that certainly sets the tone for leadership by women at the church at other levels. in dioceses and parishes all around the world. i think that's what he has in mind. >> john, always good to have you on. words that resonate with the flock but not touching on doctrine. john allen, thanks for being with us. >> wouldn't that be cool? >> it would be very cool. a lot of changes happening. >> absolutely. all right, now, going to move onto the new u.s. ambassador tore japan, caroline kennedy criticizing china's move to set up a defense perimeter in the east china sea. >> we hope to see a more collaborative and less confrontational future in the pacific. unilateral actions like those taken by china withnaire announcement of an air defense identification zone undermines security and constitute an attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea. this only serves to increase tensions in the region. >> over the weekend, beijing warned it would take what it called defensive emergency measu
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